Bell County and McLennan County made an appearance on a list of the top BBQ joints in Texas. Can you guess which restaurants made the cut?

According to a report from Texas Monthly, three BBQ restaurants in Central Texas appeared on this year's rankings of their top 50 BBQ joints in Texas.

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The Top 10

Unfortunately there were no Central Texas BBQ restaurants that made the top 10 list. Usually I would include Travis County as Central Texas, but for these rankings I've decided to narrow the scope to McLennan County and Bell County. Travis County actually made quite the impact on the list, and several restaurants from the area are included.

Here's a quick look at Texas Monthly's Top 10 BBQ Joints:

  • 10) Panther City BBQ - Fort Worth
  •  9) Snow's BBQ - Lexington
  •  8) Evie Mae's Pit Barbeque - Wolfforth
  •  7) Franklin Barbecue - Austin
  •  6) Cattleack Barbeque - Dallas
  •  5) Leroy and Lewis Barbecue - Austin
  •  4) Burnt Bean Co - Seguin
  •  3) Truth Barbeque - Houston
  •  2) Interstellar BBQ - Austin
  •  1) Goldee's Barbecue - Fort Worth

The Top 50

As previously stated, Travis County came in with strong results. The top 50 spots are  organized alphabetically and not by numerical order.

Inside the top 50 however, are 3 restaurants located in either McLennan County or Bell County. See if you recognize the following as any of your local favorites:

  1. Miller's Smokehouse - Belton
  2. Guess Family Barbecue - Waco
  3. Helberg Barbecue - Woodway

The bottom 50 of the list can be found here.

Honestly I'm very surprised to see so few locations from the Central Texas area be selected. Are there any favorites of yours that missed making the list?

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