It doesn't hurt when a man is easy on the eyes, and his voice is so amazing even the grumpiest of women could wake up and not be bothered with their Brett Young Singing alarm clock. If a Brett Young singing alarm clock isn't a thing, I need to trademark that ASAP, it's a million dollar idea. While Brett Young's fiancé is busy planning their wedding, Brett has been on the road with Russell Dickerson on Thomas Rhett's "Life Changes" Tour. Here are 3 reasons we love Brett Young.

1. He will stay up late and make sure you make it home safe. "Sleep Without You" is easily one of my favorite summer jams. A fun night out, and an amazing guy who makes sure you make it home with your dignity, purse, and cell phone? Now he's a keeper.

2. He knows break up's suck. Just in case you haven't heard "Mercy" yet, stop what you're doing and listen to the song below. Haven't we all had that relationship that lingered way too long and you knew the inevitable was coming? This song is raw and real. I guess that's why we love Brett Young!

3. He says what we wish our significant others would say. Lie to my face and tell me that you don't melt when you hear "In Case You Didn't Know". Imagine how many relationships could be saved if we told each other how much we love each other on the daily? What if we went out of our way to express ourselves more, and communicate better? Brett Young is on to something!

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