The body of a woman that was discovered 40 years ago along I-35 has finally been identified as Debra Jackson.

For years investigators referred to the case as "Orange Socks," due to those being the only articles of clothing found on the victim.

Eerily enough Debra's body was found October 31, 1979.

Despite the number of years that have passed, the Williamson County Sheriff's Office has been determined to find the true identity of "Orange Socks,"  and released new sketches of the woman to the public in June.

Shortly after a woman called in and stated she believed the sketches were of her sister, Debra Jackson.

It was after comparing family photos and performing DNA tests, that investigators were able to determine Debra's identity.

Debra had left her home in Abilene in 1977. Williamson County investigators say that her family never reported her missing.

In 1984, authorities convicted Henry Lee Lucas for the murder after he confessed to Jackson's killing. Unfortunately, after the trial, Lucas recanted his confession. Later, George W. Bush, who was governor of Texas at the time, commuted the death sentence after he determined that there was not enough evidence to execute Lucas.

Even though Debra's true killer has not been found, it's great to see how truly invested the Williamson County investigators are to their work.

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