After my first week in Central Texas, here are 5 things I've seen in Central Texas that you pretty much can't find anyplace else!

5) Grackels!

These Birds are  everywhere and are really noisy!! Back in the Midwest, they call Pigeons ‘rats with wings’, but in Texas the Grackel is more like a noisy neighbor saying “Get off my lawn, buddy!”

4) 85 Mile per hour speed limits!!

In Alabama it’s rare to ever see a speed limit over 70mph., but that doesn't mean you won’t see a fan of Coach Saben doing 90 to make it home before kick off though. A ‘Roll Tide’ to ya, btw!

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3) Whataburger!!

2) The Ft. Hood Memorial, Killeen, TX

Wes Adams | TSM

1) H-E-B

Growing up in the Midwest we always went to 'Da Jewels', but the favorite grocery store in Texas is only found in the Lonestar State! Yellow coupons and meal deals all around! Other than ole Mexico, the only state in the USA that is home to H-E-B stores is us! God Bless Texas!

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