Is it crazy that the turkey doughnut actually looks appealing? Yesterday, our operations manager sent me a link to the latest crazy hybrid holiday concoction.  Apparently since Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day this year, a few bakeries across the US have decided to merge traditional foods from both holidays. The result? Turkey Doughnuts. That got me to thinking, what other crazy Thanksgiving foods are out there? After a little internet research, I give you 5 of the weirdest treats to make your Thanksgiving extra festive.

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    Turkey Doughnuts

    This hybrid holiday treat comes from Zucker Bakery in Manhattan and features 4 Thanksgiving flavored traditional Hanukkah doughnuts: spiced pumpkin with cranberry and turkey filling, sweet potato with toasted marshmallow filling, spiced pumpkin with turkey and gravy filling, and spiced pumpkin with cranberry filling. Is it crazy that these kind of look amazing?

    via Zucker Bakery's Facebook Page
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    Turkey Flavored Soda

    Leave it to Jones Soda to come up with a drinkable Turkey dinner. Not only has Jones offered up "Tofurkey" flavored soda, they also have had an entire drinkable Thanksgiving dinner in the past. Although they haven't released the festive line this year, you can find the entire box set on Ebay. Let the bidding begin!

    via Jones Soda Website
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    Sweet Potato Beer

    If you like your Thanksgiving flavored beverages with a little extra kick, try Fullsteam's sweet potato flavored beer. According to their website, they use 200 lbs of South Carolina sweet potatos in every batch!

    via Fullsteam Website
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    Thanksgiving Flavored Gumballs

    This one is actually pretty cool. Remember when Willy Wonka created those meal flavored sticks of gum. This is kind of like that, except you won't turn into a giant blueberry afterwards. Archie McPhee offers up 3 signature flavored gumballs, turkey, cranberry, and pumpkin pie! Order a pack of 20 for only 3.50 on their website.

    via Archie McPhee website
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    Turkey Flavored Ice Cream

    Want your Thanksgiving dinner in dessert form? Check out Salt & Straw's holiday flavors, including Thanksgiving turkey, salted caramel, mincemeat pie, and apple cranberry stuffing. The good news is Salt & Straw ships, and the flavors are available until November 29th!

    Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey, Apple Cranberry Stuffing and Mincemeat Pie.
    Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey, Apple Cranberry Stuffing and Mincemeat Pie.
    via Salt & Straw Facebook Page