What state in the US of A has the most miles of road? The obvious answer is Texas with approximately 675,580 miles of paved road as of 2014. California has the second most with a paltry 394,608 miles. That means a couple of things: a) Texas is HUGE; b) you can sit in traffic for the rest of your life if you choose; and c) there's a lot of road to cover in the lone star state so break out your motorcycle.

If you can stand the heat, Texas is home to tons of amazing motorcycle routes that boast diverse scenic backgrounds ranging from the 624 miles of Gulf of Mexico shoreline to rolling, grassy plains. Then you have the Hill Country that explodes with wild flowers, lakes and rushing rivers. Something I learned when I moved out here last year - get in your car/motorcycle and drive. When you see something that interests you, stop and take a look. I have not been disappointed yet!

Ride safe, Central Texas!