Because let's be honest. You're just going to that party for the food.

Admit it. Unless you are an avid Denver or Seattle fan, you don't really care who wins the Superbowl. You just watch the game for the commercials, halftime, and of course the food! Superbowl Sunday is the perfect excuse to pig out without feeling the least bit guilty. (Like Thanksgiving, but with junk food.) In fact, studies show some of us may be easily consuming up to 3500 hundred calories during the game alone! Below we've rounded up the top 10 most popular snacks American will be eating on Superbowl Sunday. See if your favorite makes the list!



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    I totally thought sweets would be higher on the list, but only 19% of Americans eat sugary snacks during the Suerbowl! (Count me as part of that 19%)

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    Really? Nuts are more popular than desserts? Crazy!

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    This is a snack I can really get behind. Whether we're going liquid queso or melted cheese on top, I am a nacho fanatic!

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    Cheese and Crackers

    I feel like cheese and crackers should be saved for wine tasting parties, but apparently 29% of Americans disagree. They'll all be eating the duo this Sunday.

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    Finger Foods

    Boy do I love me some frozen TGIF appetizers. (Don't judge me). 1/3 of Superbowl watchers will be having finger foods of some sort this Sunday.

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    Buffalo Wings

    Get this. This SBS, Americans will eat 1.25 BILLION wings! (350% more than a regular Sunday).

    via buffalo wild wings
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    This is an obvious one. I'm pretty sure I'll be consuming an entire thin crust pepperoni pizza by myself come this Sunday!

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    Guacamole, queso, bean dip...we eat them all! In fact, 104 million pounds of avacodo is expected to fly of the shelf this Sunday!

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    Yep, coming in at #1, the simple but ever popular chips. 45% of Americans will eat the salty snack this year while rooting on their team.