Annabella Reina likes getting empty tissue boxes from her teacher.  "You can do anything you want with it", says Annabella.  The six year old decided to fill hers with money, then give that money away.

The target, McLane Children's Hospital in Temple.  Annabella shook all the money out of her piggy bank, almost $6.83, and then enlisted her family and friends to help. "Match my donation, or double it", was her plea.  She got lots of help including donations from her school, Montague Village Elementary on Fort Hood. In two weeks Annabella raised $933.59. Our news partner KWTX followed Annabella to the hospital, where she handed over a check.



The grownups at McLane Children's Hospital promise the money will be used just as Annabella wishes. The Child Life Specialists will buy toys for the age groups that need them.