“Don’t get into other people’s business. Don’t call each other names. Clean up your messes. No eating other people’s food”. Sound advice from the "Tiny Notebook of Rules", probably written by a Child. The rules are numbered and written down in a notebook found in a Citrus Heights, California Walmart parking lot.

Rule number 118 says, “Don’t keep saying please if someone says no”.  According to a Fox 40 television report, Raymond Flores found the book and was impressed by what he read.

“One hundred twelve is “Try to make things fair,” reads Flores.

Flores, a Walmart employee found the book when he was out collecting shopping carts. He found it lying in an empty parking spot. He flipped through the pages and knew he could not just throw it out. Especially not after reading rule number 154,  “Protect this book”.

So that is what Raymond Flores is doing, while trying to find the rightful owner.

Somebody who believes you should:

“Ware (sic) your seatbelt.”

“Resicle (sic)”

“Go to bed early if you have dance in the morning”.

“Put your shoes by the front door when you take them off”

“Don’t leave your friends behind and no texting and driving at the same time”

Also on the List: “Don’t bite the dentist”

We hope that kid gets that book back soon!