Out in Burnet County there is a little unincorporated community known as Briggs, Texas. These structures are nearly all that remains of a small town destroyed by a series of fires in 1928 leading up to the Great Depression. We found some photos taken courtesy of "Austin" on Flickr that we'd like to share with you. Briggs, Texas is located along U.S. 183 and FM 2657, northeast of Burnet.

While unincorporated, the town was given a post office in 1888. Founded in 1855, at that time the town was knows as Gum Springs and it began to expand along the Berry creek. By the time the post office was built the town was knows as Taylor's Gin (named after the leading settler Stephen Taylor). In June of 1888, Dr. William Hazelwood had the town renamed after his Mother-In-Law.

Briggs, Texas continued to expand into the early 1900's until the 1920's. A series of fires badly damaged the small settlement, soon followed by the great depression. This sent many of the town's nearly 500 inhabitants elsewhere. Today the population in the area known as Briggs, Texas remains at about 90 people.

These structures are just about all that remains of life in this little Texas town prior to the great depression. It's a small miracle that they are still standing today. The State seal and marker on the Briggs Bank tells the tale of the town, and the fire that closed many of the buildings along main street.