A little after 7 PM on Thursday, October 5, 2023 a fire call was made to the Killeen Fire Department because Burger Kind at 3800 Stan Schlueter Loop in Killeen, Texas to battle smoke and flames that were coming out on top of the roof. Killeen Fire Crews responded quickly to the call, and were reportedly on the scene responding within three minutes.

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Upon investigation, it was determined that improper maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen ventilation equipment caused the fire and therefore sustained the majority of the damage. Thankfully the fire suppression system did activate, and was able to assist in repelling the fire from the source of the blaze.

How many Killeen Fire Crew members responded to the Burger King fire?

City of Killeen/Canva
City of Killeen/Canva

According to this release by the City of Killeen, 3 fire trucks were dispatched with an ambulance, two battalion chiefs, 2 EMS captains, and the Killeen Building Inspector was there to evaluate the damages. At this time, the building must remain closed until necessary repairs have been made.

Thankfully, the fire and its extinguishing did not cause any major structural damages, so the property appears to be fully capable of remaining. The cooking equipment, fire suppression system, and kitchen ventilation system all need extensive repair work or replacement to also allow for regular operation to resume.

Without the Killeen Fire Crew (KFC) and their quick response, there would have been a good chance that the Burger Kind in this location would no longer exist.

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