If anyone has any photos or video of what in the heck really happened last week, please hit us up in the comments below this story on social media.

Ten athletes and their coach have been suspended by Palo Alto Middle School after what is being called an "incident" that happened over the past week. Nobody seems to want to say exactly what happened. Here is what we do know.

The district says the players and the coach have been suspended, and three other players have been dismissed from the team altogether.

KWTX shared this statement from KISD Chief Communications Officer Terry Abbott: "At a middle school football game this week, Palo Alto Middle School players and the coach behaved entirely inappropriately. There was a great deal of bad sportsmanship, verbally abusive behavior, and a number of penalties from the referees to the team and coach."

Coach Nicholas Parker has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation.

Did anyone else catch that we are talking about a middle school here? These kids aren't event in high school yet, but already their behavior is so poor they need to be suspended or kicked off the team altogether. That seems like a major FAIL by the school and the coaching staff for this kind of behavior to be so widespread.

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