Great news for veterans looking to further their education. Military Times lists Central Texas College as the Number 2 two-year school for veterans in the country.

For some people, joining the military is a great way to start their path to the future. Many even make military service a full time career. Others will get in and use their service as a way to help pay for college.

Let's face it - college can be expensive, and serving the country is a great way to get the financial help many need in order to get the education they desire. Some go to college after they serve, and some find a way to get their education while serving.

Whatever the case, we have a college that provides top notch education for our military veterans right here in Killeen - Central Texas College.

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According to The Killeen Daily Herald, Military Times just ranked CTC at #2 in two-year schools in their Best for Vets: Colleges 2021. It was the only two-year school to make the top 15 in the state of Texas.

Military Times surveyed more than 300 colleges and universities and found that CTC did very well across the board. CTC military graduation rate was 16.4%, which was two-tenths better than the overall graduation rate of 16.2%. Overall, CTC finished at 45 best for two and four year colleges in the country.

Check out more HERE.

Getting a quality education doesn't have to be a an impossible task, CTC has all the tools to get the education you need, and it's right here in Central Texas.

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