It was simple gesture, a young man walking an old man home. But it's the simple things that make us go awww! This is what happened.


18 year old Christian Trouesdale works at an Aldi supermarket in Manchester, England. Back in April he was going about this stock boy duties when one of his customers, a 95 year old man told Christian he was afraid of walking alone in strong winds.   Apparently it was windy outside that day.

So Christian decided to walk the man home. A passerby snapped this photo and posted it on Facebook.



Photo Courtesy Samantha Jayne Brady Facebook


This is what Samantha Janye wrote:

"Need to share this, whilst working earlier we watched this lovely lad walking this little old man home. He wasn't very agile, nor fast but Christian walked with him ever so patiently and slowly, chatted along with him and carried his bag for him. It was a lovely thing to witness and they seemed to be having a good chit-chat along their way. High 5 to Aldi for letting him do this and high 5 to Christian from Aldi in Horwich for his selfless, thoughtful & caring gesture!"


The photo has since been shared more than 200,000 times from her Facebook page.


And of course somebody started a Go Fund Me account.  It raised over 800 dollars for Christian.


Christian says he has received praise from all around the world and even locally, "a lady came up and hugged me and said she loved what I had done."

He described the attention as "very strange because this is just something I would normally do, my parents have raised me to treat other people like you want to be treated yourself."