Ethan Couch, aka the "affluenza teen" finally had his day of reckoning today after killing four people helping a stranded motorist in Texas while driving drunk in 2013. Since he was a minor at the time, he received 10 years of probation. But that didn't take as he was caught drinking beer online and then escaped to Mexico late in 2015 only to be discovered shortly after. And today, he appeared in court tried as an a adult.

State District Judge Wayne Salvant declared that Couch, age 19, must spend 180 days in jail for each person he killed. His four 180-day sentences will be served consecutively, combining for an estimated two years in prison.

Here is a rough laundry list of things Couch has been a part of in the last four months.

After jail time, Couch will have to be clean - no drugs, alcohol or driving - and will have to meet with a community supervision officer on regular occasion.

On top of all this and only receiving 6 months in jail per person he killed, it had also been revealed that Couch's rehab was paid for by taxpayers since the parents allegedly could not afford it for him. His parents paid $1,170 while taxpayers spent $20,000 per month for 10 months in 2014 for his rehab - a year before he fled to Mexico.