If someone isn't developing a sitcom for the ridiculousness of "affluenza teen" Ethan Couch, you're welcome for the inspiration (and I would like an EP credit). Apart from the tragedy of what I have no problem calling murder, this brat's escapades are ripe for comedy.

Let's see here:

  • Poking fun at the judicial system for the "affluenza defense"? Check.
  • Stupidly getting caught breaking probation via social media? Check.
  • Have a going-away party before fleeing the law? Check.
  • Going to a small Mexican resort town to hide with mommy? Check.
  • Being tracked down by the police by way of ordering Dominoes Pizza? Yep, check.
  • Using a Rolex watch as collateral because he spent too much on booze and lap dances at a Mexico strip club? You better believe it.
  • And now the latest episode: Mother Tonya Couch complaining about her accommodations in jail in Tarrant County, Texas. To which County Sheriff Dee Anderson replied:

I believe she expressed a slight bit of displeasure about her accommodations. I explained to her this is a jail, not a resort.

By the way, I have the perfect actor to play the lovable mom whose current bond is set at $1 million and will plead not guilty in her case.

Mark Davis, Getty Images

By now, you may have heard about this crown jewel of Texas who killed four people in 2013 while driving drunk at the age of 16. He was soon sentenced to 10 years of probation instead of jail time courtesy of the "affluenza" defense, suggesting he was too rich and spoiled to know right from wrong. After violating the terms of his probation in mid-December, 2015 a warrant was placed to arrest the 18-year-old, though he was nowhere to be found. Soon after, he was discovered in Mexico with his mother, Tonya Couch.

They were found in a Pacific resort town in Mexico and last week the mother was deported to Los Angeles, and now she's back in Texas to face a charge of hindering the apprehension of a felon.

Meanwhile, Ethan is currently stalling and staying in custody in Mexico for as long as he can after a Mexican judge granted the teen a temporary stay in the country, halting his deportation last week. While there's no determined timetable, Sheriff Anderson is confident the question isn't if he's coming back, but when he's coming back.

"I've said over and over, we're patient, we'll wait, we'll be here."

Perhaps Season 2?