At some point in our lives, we all hop aboard an airplane to fly somewhere. Whether it be somewhere in the United States, or perhaps overseas, adventuring somewhere is rather exciting isn't it? But then there's the realization that preparing for the trip will be daunting.

You have to pack the clothes, make sure you can get to the airport on time, you can't forget the tickets either right? So long story short, there's so many things factored into simply boarding a plane. Sometimes, people also don't help the situation.

Air travel can always bring out the worst in people. It just happens. We all get angry right? But this isn't an angry passenger causing problems.

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It's someone deliberately trying to ruin everyone's day. A TikTok that has recently viral describes a situation that nobody, and I mean nobody, should ever have to deal with.

Yes you heard that pilot right, someone was airdropping illicit photos to people on a phone.

The pilot had to warn whoever was doing it to stop before the plane had to be stopped, taken back to the gate, and security summoned to bust some folks.

First Off, Why? And Second Off, Really?

This first incident happened in Houston. But here's the thing, this isn't just an isolated incident. There was another incident which much like previous incident, is rather disgusting.

Another man, identified as Larry was also guilty of doing the exact same thing on a different airline flight. Thankfully, Larry was taken into custody after the flight.

For the first flight, the person remains unidentified. But the thought remains

Why In The World Would Anyone Want To Do This?

Long story short, be nice while flying. And keep things to yourself!

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