All river floaters beware, you never know what could be lurking in the water. We all know as river floaters there could be any and everything by you in your tube, especially in Guadalupe River.

In early May, an Austin man was kayaking on the Guadalupe river near Spring Branch  and just happen to look down and thought he saw a large toad. It was not a large toad but a large toothed alligator.

“It kind of took my eyes a second to focus,” said the Austin resident, who floated the river Sunday with a group of friends. “My first thought was it was a big toad over there because I was looking right at the nose.”

Then it came into focus. “Hey, I’m looking at an alligator,” he said.

Neil Griffin shared his story with the San Antonio Express News, saying that the sighting of the gator was the highlight of his trip.

Texas Parks and Wildlife warn if you do see an alligator do not approach it. You may try to get a picture to upload to their website to help try to catch the alligator but do not get any closer.

Do we really have to say that?