Now, this is something you don't see every day, or any day really. An Alligator down in Sugarland, Texas is making waves in the neighborhood after being photographed swimming with a knife stuck in his head.

The gator was spotted swimming in Pumpkin Lake in the Houston suburb. Erin Weaver tells local news station KPRC that she got close enough to make sure the knife wasn't stuck in the gators eye.

"I just felt so bad for him. I can't believe someone would be that cruel to do that to one of our alligators in our community," Weaver said.

The Fort Bend County Game Warden's office said on Monday that they had been searching for the alligator, but had yet to be successful. They believe the knife may have fallen out of the gators head and have offered a $1,000 award for anyone who has information on the person responsible.

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