Several people are still coming down from this past year's high of American Idol. Maddie Poppe the winner of the sixteenth season of American Idol is stealing hearts all across America. Did you ever look at Maddie Poppe and think that could be you? If you're ready to take your singing to the next level and you're tired of just singing in the shower, you should audition for American Idol. If you are above the age of 15 you're free to audition. Whether you're still in the closet about your love of singing or everyone keeps suggesting you take the big jump and try your hand at singing, you really should just take a leap of faith and audition already!

You can sign up for the open call auditions here. September 6, 2018, the American Idol bus will roll into Austin. If you're not able to make the Austin stop check out the complete list of audition stops here. There is not a set time or place for the Austin stop yet, but keep checking back for the location. Get ahead and get your audition video sent in!

This is me, calling out Vivian to go audition. We all know that one person in our life who needs to audition already right? Tag that person who you think needs to audition in the comments below!

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