Mama always used to say nothing good ever happens after Midnight.

So why would you expect a trip to a food truck at 2am to leave you feeling satisfied? Do people really think buying curbside food at 2am ends in delicious happiness? Well, maybe sometimes.

This was not the case for a north Houston woman who decided to visit a taco food truck around 2am last weekend. She ordered tacos and it seems she absolutely lost it when her food was served to her cold. She became very angry with the driver when he refused to re-heat her order.

When her boyfriend told her to calm down, she pulled out a gun. It's not clear exactly what happened, but ABC 13 reports that she did shoot her boyfriend during the argument. Police are not sure if the gun misfired. They are not certain if she shot her boyfriend accidentally or on purpose. The man survived the gun shot wound and is expected to be ok.

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