Every day in the Lone Star State, people are going from point a to point b at multiple times during the day. So that means a lot of vehicles are on the roadway at any time. No matter the type, you're bound to see a different car every time you get behind the wheel in Texas.

But we rarely talk to cargo inside said vehicles do we? Most of the time, the car simply just hold Texas residents, or it could hold groceries with the individual as well. Maybe some clothing after a shopping trip even.

But the transportation of live animals is handled by the professionals. On big trucks sometimes as well. But...what if the animal tried to get out?

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As It Turns Out, This Happened In Texas Recently

In what could only be described as the real life version of the movie "Chicken Run," a hen decided they wanted out, even if they didn't realize the danger. In a video posted, one Texan shows the moment in question:

Ok first question, did they notice the bird getting free while driving? Because if so, good call on slowing down and not following too close. Second question, how did that chicken get loose?

Somebody might've forgotten to lock the cage maybe? Or the chicken got out beforehand? There's so many questions we have.

The last one? Did anybody catch the chicken and bring it home? I doubt any normal Texan would just look at a chicken on the roadway and just leave it there!

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