I'm loving the new TV commercials featuring "The Colonel" hawking KFC chicken.  I love the commercials because they're hilarious, and I love them because it signals the return of SNL alum Darrell Hammond.

Hammond was the king of the impersonation on "Saturday Night Live", specializing in Bill Clinton and anyone else that needed a good spoofing.  Hammond revealed recently in his autobiography that he went through years of substance abuse, only to emerge on the other side in a Boss Hogg-inspired white suit, singin' about biscuits and cookies.

I didn't dig the new commercials at first, but this one got me hooked.

It seems that some of my initial thoughts of potential controversy in this racially-sensitive time might be coming to fruition.  Still, how can you not find yourself singing along to, "I'll throw in a biiiscuit, and a big ol' coooookie"?

Despite that song being stuck in my head every hour of every day for the past two months, it hasn't translated to me visiting The Colonel for any product.  Still, it's up to America's taste for humor and its taste for chicken to decide.  For me?  I'll stick with Bush's Chicken.


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