Is this video too "risque" for Dustin Lynch's wholesome "Cowboys and Angels" persona?Watch it for yourself and decide!

Here is Dustin's video for his new single "She Cranks My Tractor":


The opinions on the comment section of this video on the CMT website seem to be about even...both for and against.


Love this song and video! I don't see anything wrong with the sexiness of it! I remember a video of Faith Hill rolling around in a bed in nothing but a sheet. Gorgeous pin up girl and gorgeous cowboy! Love it!! JShank 

I love Dustin's music, but this video is overtly sexual and it doesn't need to be to get the message in the song. It's just another "tractor" video with a half-dressed girl in it, there's already enough videos like it out there with trucks, babes, beer etc. I want something with substance! Annie-66

The girl in the video is Texas country girl and model Cassi Colvin from CBS" "Big Brother 13" and also seen on CBS" "The Bold and the Beautiful". She's done videos for Jake Owen with "Tell Me" and also Kenny Chesney's live concert video for "Some Where With You".

I don't know if it any more scandalous than most of the country music videos you see on CMT and GAC. Aren't they are usually filled with scantily clad women?  Either way, it definitely has people talking!