Ok. This is absolutely terrifying.

Don Parker of Waco has shared photos of the damage done to his car when a chunk of asphalt from I-35 was knocked loose by an 18-wheeler and flung into his windshield.

John Carroll with our news partner, KWTX, shared Parker's story Friday afternoon.

Parker says he was headed north on I-35 between the University Parks and Martin Luther King Jr exits Wednesday when two 18-wheelers passed him. As they were passing, he saw an object flying at him. It smashed through his windshield, sending glass splinters flying everywhere and grazing his shoulder.

“If my wife who usually sits in passenger seat had been with me, she would have been killed," Parker said.

Police told Parker that the area has been under construction for a while and there are some "soft spots" there.

No doy.

To make matters worse, TxDOT told Parker there's a state law against compensating him for the damage, and his insurance company may have to scrap the entire car, as removing all the glass (especially from the air vents) would be very difficult.

I have had nightmares about this very scenario, and it's just another reminder of how fed up we all are with this seemingly endless construction. We're glad Parker's ok, but it's incredibly frustrating to hear that TxDOT won't be helping him with the costs of replacing his vehicle.

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