One of the most common questions we get asked by local artists here in Central Texas is "How Do I Get To Perform At SXSW?", well the answer is simple: "Apply"

Next year's SXSW Music Festival will be held March 12 through March 18 and if you are an artist or group looking for the opportunity of a lifetime to showcase your music, then you need to get your application in to them ASAP! Artists can now apply to showcase at the 2018 Music Festival directly through SXSW.

All genres of music, solo acts or groups from anywhere in the world are open to apply! But remember, there will be literally THOUSANDS of bands and acts applying so apply EARLY! Early applications will be accepted through September 8th for $35 while the final deadline is October 20th with a $20 bump up in the application fee included!

For more details visit SXSW's official website and we'll hopefully see you there next year on stage!

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