Romans sent the seeds to France, and this is what was created.

We all have our quirks. I hate pickles. They're the most disgusting thing on the planet.

"Lets take a cucumber and let it rot in gasoline.  MMM delicious. Why am I dying?"

Do you mind if I eat this pickle?""Yes. Get the #$#$ out.

O.K. yes I know they don't use gasoline, but they might as well. I once kicked a guy out of my car because he had the nerve to bring a pickle in.

munch munch "Do you mind if I eat this pickle?"

"Yes. Get the #$#$ out."

"You gonna pull over first?"

"No. Either the pickle goes out the window, or you both do."

I have another friend that hates mustard. Can't stand it the way I can't stand pickles. Taking the two of us through a burger drive thru is a treat.

"No Pickles!"

"No Mustard!"

Well today is his horrible day, as it's National Mustard Day. I enjoy mustard on my eggs. I don't eat it unless someone has pissed me off. Because 4 hours after I eat the mustard, I create Mustard Gas! I once cleared a gymnasium. Proud Day.