So this is the day we forget about how embarrassing those awkward moments are, and embrace them instead.

We relive them, tell others about them and then forget about them forever.  There have been many awkward moments in my life but here is a good one.

In sixth grade, my friend Starlane pulled off my Fake Ponytail. We were standing in line, she gave it a little jerk, not knowing it would come off, it did and she just stood there with her mouth open holding my Pony Tail in her hand.  AWKWARD!!!!  I snatched it back and hurriedly put it back on with my trusty rubber band. AWKWARD!!!  I think we were the only two who knew what happened.

We never spoke of it, until I started working radio and she called in during Awkward Moments Day and told the world.  l should have kept the Little Bitty Bun!

Julia Conner

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