Week after week we had dancing competitions for great prizes during our Weekend Kickoff Party at Denim & Diamonds in Temple every Thursday night before I had an epiphany.  

With all the bad dancing on the dance floor on a regular basis, why not have a band dancing competition?  We had a ton of people excited that their bad dancing would finally be recognized.  Throwing in Florida-Georgia Line concert tickets for the show November 30th at the Bell County Expo didn't hurt, either.

Our bad dancing champion, Tyler, showing off his tickets with a friend and Zach, manager at Denim & Diamonds. Photo by Jamie Garrett

The competition is set up where dancers have one song to show off their best (worst) dancing.  Throughout the first song I selected three finalists, Emmit, Tyler and Paula.  Each dancer was uniquely bad.  Tyler brought a cheering section.  Paula's long limbs helped her look awkward when trying.  Emmit even had his wife help out with his bad dancing, taking time to spin him around while he sat on the dance floor.

All in all, it's about the Florida-Georgia Line tickets, but for me it's about the competition... and pointing out to people that their attempts at bad dancing aren't too far off from what they normally do on the dance floor.

US 105 will be back at Denim & Diamonds every Thursday (except Thanksgiving) in November with your free Florida-Georgia Line tickets.  All you need to do is show us you're the worst dancer on the dance floor.  Tyler showed us that a cheering section doesn't hurt too much, either.

In addition to the Florida-Georgia Line tickets given away at Denim & Diamonds every Thursday, you'll also have a chance to win tickets every day next week on-air at US 105.  Keep listening for all the details!!