Ahh Little League, my kids never made it that far, they quit after T-ball.   I had one season of dragging Travis around the bases. He was afraid to run with all those people screaming at him,  you know “Run, Run”!!!    Adam never even made it to the T.  He just refused to play out in that hot sun. 

But for those of you with regular kids who want to play, don’t be THAT parent, the one who forgot to sign em up.  In Killeen the time to do that is now.  It’s 45 bucks per child, but payday is coming so that should help.  The deadline to get the kids registered with Killeen Parks and Recreation is February 8th for Co-Ed T-Ball, Girls' Coach Pitch, Boys' Coach Pitch, Girls' Machine Pitch, Boys' Machine Pitch, Girls' Softball and Boys' Baseball.

KPR is also looking for parents and guardians who can volunteer to coach any of the athletic leagues. So if you have a child playing a sport, please consider signing up to coach!

Here's the Now Playing Guide