Baylor student Daniel Rager reacted quickly on Tuesday afternoon when he was robbed by two armed men.

Rager met with two men in a South Waco park to complete a Craigslist transaction, which included the sale of a cell phone, PlayStation console and an iPad. The 'buyers' told Rager that they needed to go to a nearby house to get the cash for the purchase, so all three got into his car.

When they arrived at the destination, Rager went to retrieve what he intended to sell from the trunk. But as they got out, the two African American men pulled out their firearms.

“All I could think was, ‘Is this really happening? Is this really happening to me? Like what do I do?’” the student told KWTX.

Rager then pulled out his handgun from the trunk and the two men grabbed the items and took off, firing one bullet towards the victim. The bullet was later found lodged in the car, but no one was injured during the incident.

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