For more than 18 hours now US 105 has hosted the McLane Children's Hospital at Scott & White Radiothon, raising money for sick & injured children right here in Central Texas.  Beyond the on-air aspects, there are many people working to make this event a success.

Julia Conner, Peter Christian and Buddy Logan have been the face & voice of this ongoing Radiothon that concludes Friday evening at 6pm.  Behind the scenes, however, there are many more people that have worked to make this Radiothon a success as a fundraising tool for children in Central Texas.  Without the preparation by these people, along with on-site execution away from the microphone, thousands of dollars wouldn't be raised for McLane Children's Hospital.

Caroline Gallogly, Live Events Coordinator for Townsquare Media in Central Texas, has put in countless hours over the past several months coordinating phone lines, interviews, interviewees, training sessions and every aspect of this Radiothon on the radio side of things.  She impressed me with her color-coordinated grids laying out the 24 hours spent broadcasting on-location at McLane Children's Hospital.

My Thunder Buddy, Lexi, came to work with me today. She's ready to man (or dog) the phones if we're needed. Photo by Jamie Garrett

This is the first Radiothon for several of us, including me, which meant we relied on Children's Miracle Network for support & training.  We also leaned on Scott & White's Jennifer Williams.  I've known Jennifer for quite a few years.  She once sold radio advertising for us, but she made the wise decision to leave radio and get into the medical field.  I've seen her work non-stop for the past 5+ years, tirelessly working to raise the funds needed to ensure Scott & White remains one of the top hospitals in the country for children.

Rodney Sharp, known by most as Rowdy, has shown compassion for the kids he's gotten to know since his first Radiothon five years ago.  He talks about how great it is to the see the kids growing up.  He talks about seeing Allison, at that time only a pound-and-a-half, now a beautiful ballerina thanks to the work of the doctors, nurses AND DONORS at Scott & White.  He's also been a huge help to the on-air staff, keeping live and prerecorded interviews coordinated and keeping a flow of information going to the jocks.

Rebecca Rose, our Queen-of-Digital, has been on-location most of the Radiothon, coordinating social media and website information.  This is a new element to the Radiothon since we last hosted one several years ago.  She's constantly using digital media to communicate our needs AND our accomplishments.  Feel free to explore our website.  It's tremendous, and it's all thanks to her.

As for me?  Where am I during all this?  I'm silently sitting in a darkened studio at the radio station.  Aside from a phone interview with Josh Bratton from Johnny's Steaks & BBQ about the VIP packages he was offering up as part of our "Office Challenge", I didn't have an on-air role for the Radiothon.  The reason?  Beginning last Friday I took a turn for the worse in regards to my health.  It began with a scratchy throat and evolved into a horrible cough that's now moved to my lungs.  I spent a few hours at Urgent Care Express last Sunday afternoon, but I was told it wasn't clear what was wrong with me.

Since my cough medication ran out Tuesday I've been a wreck.  I was finally able to get back on-air Wednesday afternoon after being off since last Thursday, but I made the decision to not attend the Radiothon in person.  I didn't want to take the risk of bringing an unknown (and unpleasant) illness into an environment where children with weakened immune systems are present.  I'd never be able to live with myself if I got a child sick.

I give full credit to everyone involved, especially Julia, Peter & Buddy, for putting in the extra hours covering for me during my show.  Instead of going their own way at the end of their show at 10am, both Julia & Peter spent their afternoons on-air as well, covering for me.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm plenty busy back here at the station.  I've been in the studio for 13 of these 19 hours thus far, and I'm in the studio until we shut 'er down this afternoon at 6pm.


Without Peter & Julia covering for me it would have been a mess.  However, it has allowed me to make sure things have been running smoothly on-air.  With Big Q's help, we've gotten all our recorded interviews placed throughout the day, along with the all-important "Giggle Breaks" to make sure we keep things lighthearted.

It's been an on-air event that I'm very proud to have been a part of, and I'm glad I'm surrounded by people that take pride in their roles in the Central Texas community.  I'm also very proud to live & work in Central Texas, where the people are always willing to help their neighbors.  Thank you to everyone here at Townsquare Media.  Thank you to Children's Miracle Network.


Thank you to McLane Children's Hospital at Scott & White.  Thanks to the Miracle Makers & all those who donated.  And a HUGE thank you to the children and families we've come across during this Radiothon.  Your strength, your stories and your love for life has been incredible, and you've truly inspired everyone that's crossed your paths.

Don't forget to donate to Radiothon (hurry, it's your last chance)