Opening remarks from the Belton City Council included their enthusiasm for the attendance yesterday afternoon at the Harris Community Center off Alexander Street. While many attended to take care of city business, others joined the public meeting in support of the late Jace Jefferson and his family.

If you are not familiar with who this special young man was, just check out the video above. A very touching presentation was given on the plan to rename the Heritage Park Baseball Complex after a young man who touched so many in Central Texas with his story and positive attitude. While the baseball fields are already named, it's the complex that houses the ball fields that will soon be renamed the "Jace Jefferson Baseball Complex".

Special thanks to the Belton Youth Baseball Association, and the Jefferson family in attendance at the meeting. I had not met Jace's mother before the meeting, but she was so sweet and truly appreciated the way the whole community was behind this dedication of the baseball complex.

A plan for new signs at the complex along with a plaque dedicated to Jace's memory are in the works, and we hope to be able to send the cameras out to the dedication once the new signs are ready and share this wonderful remembrance of Jace with the entire Central Texas community.

At the beginning of the meeting, when the council is called to order, those in attendance gather to say the pledge of allegiance. Then we all say the Texas State Pledge together.

Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, One state under God, One and indivisible.

It was just a coincidence that yesterday was the anniversary of my 1st year in Texas, and that was my first chance to speak the Texas pledge myself; at the scene of a community pulling together to remember one of it's own, no less. "One state under God, One and Indivisible" indeed. 


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