Belton New Tech teacher Mark Williams has people talking after starting up a local treasure hunt in Central Texas a short while back.

After his own experience reading the book "The Secret" by Bryon Preiss, Williams to set out to find a rumored "hidden treasure" in the Houston, Texas area. After finishing, Williams got the idea to start up a treasure hunt in Belton. shared Willaims story about his local treasure hunt. He told them he had hoped to create a local hunt that people might be able to solve in a week or even just a couple of days.

He started by hiding some boxes within the city of Belton about a month ago. He has hidden five boxes in all. Williams then created a facebook group to guide treasure hunters and offer clues. He's up past 500 members.

So far two of the five boxes have been found and returned. Williams said you'll need to know the Belton area pretty well to be able to find the remaining hidden boxes. Williams said none of the boxes are buried so there is no digging required to find them.

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