Belton PD is asking, "You know you're from Belton when..." on Facebook and some of y'alls answers are hilarious. 

Just for fun we thought we would recap some of the best answers that were posted to their Facebook wall. Always fun hearing from folks in Belton.

You know you're from Belton when

Haley Stephan - "When you reference the old Walmart when giving directions".

Gary Evans - "Every road has 3 names and you know them all!"

Isai Soto - "When your little and your Dad forgot you at the H-E-B and Belton PD gave you a ride home."

Brenda Kennedy - "You remember the tax office was the old H-E-B, and Clems was Minimax".

Kimberly Stanford - "If as a kid you thought the drink Big Red was made especially for Belton."

David Smithart - "You refer to the park-and-ride lot as the old Rodeo grounds."

Jessica Hurst -  "When you still refer to Cefco on the loop as "Tiger Town."

Amanda Faulknor-Tippy - "When you sit on the "Dam" bridge at a one way light for 10 mintues just to get across!"

Carol Ball - "When you played on the old Tyler school emergency slide on Main Street."

Maxx Cordova - "Your on Temple water, your garbage is picked up from a company in Salado and you are protected by Bell County Sheriffs."

These are some pretty great answers, but there are tons more! Use the link at the top of the page to check out some more great suggestions from Belton PD's page and add one of your own. Thanks to all our Police officers in Bell County for all they do for our great communities.

Elizabeth Varville | TSM
Elizabeth Varville | TSM


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