A video posted online showing a Belton teenager being beaten by other teens has prompted a police investigation.

The video was posted to a social media website after the teen was attacked Monday afternoon in the parking lot of a restaurant at 111 Lake Road according to Belton Police Chief Gene Ellis. In that video, the boy is punched by another boy before being pushed into a wooden fence before being punched several times by yet another boy while others watch.

The victim’s parents filed a report with Belton PD, and the Belton ISD is assisting police in the investigation. District spokesperson Kyle DeBeer says the beating doesn’t appear to have been motivated by race or what the teen was wearing.

The video has since been removed from the web.

Police questioned witnesses Thursday and are expected to file charges against several individuals today. The suspects could face Class C misdemeanor disorderly contact charges or even assault charges, and all could face fines or jail time.