The City of Belton will begin begin replacing or retrofitting over 6,200 water meters with new automatic reading technology beginning October 19.

The new meters will transmit readings to radio receivers placed on towers throughout the city. City officials say the meters will aid in water conservation efforts and allow more accurate billing by better tracking household usage. However, only City of Belton Water customers will receive the new meters. Residents who receive water service from Dog Ridge Water Supply or 439 Water Supply Corporation will not be affected.

The city has contracted the work to Pedal Vales, a company officials say has extensive experience with large-scale installation and replacement projects. Workers will be photographing and recording readings before and after work, and will be easily identifiable by their uniforms and company vehicles. City technicians will inspect each installation to ensure quality, the city said in a statement issued Tuesday.

The new meters are expected to enhance water conservation and decrease water loss, detect leaks in home plumbing systems, eliminate the need for estimated bills, and reduce the chance of human error and the need for city personnel to set food on private property.

The installation process is expected to take 6-8 months and will start on the north side of town.