Time for the Big Q Tip.  All opinions blah blah blah are his, don’t necessarily reflect anyone in business, or human for that matter.  As I was sitting home alone eating supper the other night I had an epiphany.  Ladies, stop trying.  You know you’ve all been brainwashed to fall in love with the tall, dark, and squared jawed handsome Prince.  For you southern girls is the tall, dark, squared jawed handsome guy in some type of cap or hat.  That’s a fine goal, there are a few out there, lurking, in bars, street corners, on the backs of animals.  What you need to do is to look to the future.  The future is short, balding fat guys.  Let me tell you why.  It’s what everyone turns into in America.  Really, it’s the American way.  One morning you’ll open your eyes and you’ll see the man of your dreams in you bed with and realize OMG, 20 years ago I would’ve never gone home with this guy.  This is the guy I laughed at when he asked me to dance.  What happened?  America happened.  The goal in America is to get more, do less.  His goal is to be like bean bag chair, fat, soft, and comfortable.  Now ladies faced with changing your whole outlook on life, and that’s a big chore, because if you ask him to harden up as it were, you know his eye’s will begin to wonder to something younger.  Truth. Eat it!  The Big Q Tip…Save yourself the heartache, just go for the bean bag chair now.  How you doin?