Hey Gang,

So I was late for work the the other day, the reason; leaky pipes.  I do dishes by hand and I like to soak them before I wash them. So first thing in the morning, while my eggs are frying, I'm doing last nights dishes.  I'll empty the dirty water and fill the sink with fresh soapy water and scrub away my nightmares.

Plus, since it's such a mundane action, all the voices in my head can get behind it and we can discuss what all of us will be doing that day.  It was during this time that I felt liquid on my feet.  The smart @#@ voice spoke out and asked if I urinated on all of us.  I took a moment to check, because lets be honest, I'm not that far away from incontinence to dismiss it so easily.  A quick hand check ruled that out and that's when I realized that all the water I had released a few moments ago had not gone down the drain, but onto the bottom of the cabinet.  I quickly cursed like a drunken Sailor turned away from a brothel, grabbed the whole roll of paper towels and began to mop up.  Since the water was done draining from the sink, I had to check where it was coming from, so I again, started to drain the sink, and again, it went to the floor.  This time I was watching, and it was flowing like Niagara thru a hole in the flexy pipe.  My land lord got a plumber there within a half hour and when he tried to remove said broken flexy pipe, it shattered.  He had to rebuild the whole lower pipe section.  So the Big Q Tip (finally) is...check you pipes, and dust them off occasionally.  It just takes a second and you just my save yourself some paper towels.  Not to mention water damage.

A P.S. tip for you.  Take a picture of yourself checking the pipes so that way you can go to work the next day and say, "hey, want to see a picture of me cleaning my pipes? That's right, my pipes are clean."  It's fun to see who takes it the wrong way.  (This message not supported by the HR Department)