If you've ever seen the Blue Angels at an airshow you might think that it's a bit of an optical illusion that they fly that close to each other. Nope.

I caught the Blue Angels show in Fargo, North Dakota one year. I was a poor college student, so I hung out on the fringes so I wouldn't have to pay to see them. Got a great view of one of the planes. It flew so low I could see inside the cockpit. The distant shot was cool when they flew in formation.

This video from the Great Georgia Airshow reveals to us what it looks like to be inside the cockpit while they fly in formation. They say they get between 18 to 6 inches away, and this video proves that.

I believed it was an illusion that they flew as close as they did. Well, this 360-degree video proves it was no illusion. They really are one sneeze away from tragedy.

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