A Las Vegas man, AKA “Not Much of a Gambler”, took a visiting friend to the Rampart Casino Sunday afternoon.  “Not Much of a Gambler”, decided to put $20 into a Megabucks slot machine.   He played for about five minutes and guess what?


He won $14.2  million!



That is good news for him, even better for his church. “Not Much of a Gambler”,  says he going to donate the money to charity and his church, which needs a building.  The congregation has been meeting in a high school gymnasium.


“Not Much of a Gambler” did not publicly disclose his name but he did pose for this Casino photo.


They tweeted it.  I don’t believe this guy will remain “Mr. Anonymous” for long!

Everybody in Vegas probably already knows who he is.



If he has any kids I am sure once they heard about the donation thing, they started asking,



Maybe they said "Whatchu Talkin Bout DAD"!