Brantley Gilbert is not one to turn down a challenge -- even if it's one that requires jumping into the very cold Cumberland River in March. After being ribbed by two friends, Gilbert had 24 hours to do his very own Polar Challenge and post it on YouTube.

And he did it. In the video, the 'Bottoms Up' singer says he thought he dodged the polar bullet, but he was wrong. "I accept your challenge," the tattooed country singer says. "Even though I just got this and I'm in Nashville, Tennessee finishing up this record and gettin' ready for a tour ... Apparently I only have so long to do it."

"We're right outside of downtown Nashville. I'm about to jump in the Cumberland River which is still freezing a-- cold," Gilbert adds. "Here we go."

Gilbert leaves his tour bus and heads toward the cold winter water wearing only athletic pants, a tank top and a ball cap -- and his chains, of course. He quickly walks past the 'No Trespassing' sign and finds himself on a dock above the river.

He then removes his shirt, and before jumping into the water, makes a challenge of his own. "I challenge the BG Nation. All of y'all, I love you and I'm sorry I gotta do this to you, but it is what it is," the singer says as he does a backflip into the Cumberland.

The 29-year-old already has one response to his challenge -- from none other than the singer's dad, who was also brave enough to accept the Polar Challenge.

This week, Gilbert will head out with Eric Paslay and Thomas Rhett for his 2014 Let It Ride Tour. Full dates for the tour are listed here.