Midway ISD is another school district across the state that is in need of bus drivers and substitute teachers.

Assistant Superintendent of HR Mary Lou Glaesmann told our partners at News 10 that there's currently a shortage of bus drivers across the state. Also, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, drivers are making more stops on their routes because of the social distancing requirements.

“This year we have had a few drivers quit because of the change in hours,” she said.

Hiring substitute teachers is a challenge during this time as well.

“A lot of our subs are hesitant to pick up jobs right now,” Glaesmann said.

“They are sitting back to see how COVID will be played out among our schools,” she said.

The district is hoping more people will sign on to fill these positions so local kids can continue to get to school on buses and have teachers in the classrooms.

“The kids are masking up and pumping sanitizer so we make sure everyone feels safe,” Glaesmann said.

You can find job information here.

If you're a qualified driver or substitute, we hope you'll consider taking a job at school districts in need if you feel safe doing so. Students are facing unique challenges this year and could use all the help they can get.

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