On 'Crushin',' the debut single from newcomers Bush Hawg, one can't hear the "blend of backwoods, blue collars, bar fights and bibles" they describe themselves as in their artist bio. The mid-tempo love song is a generic first-timer effort that relies on a big hook instead on lyrical depth or distinctive attitude.

Vocalist Craig Hand and company further state that they're "wrapped in an American flag and washed down with whiskey." That's a great description for a band -- one that fans will line up for hours to see. Bush Hawg could very well be that band (their fans will no doubt attest to it), but 'Crushin'' doesn't prove it.

"I'm crushin' on you, crushin' on you girl / Got it bad, got it bad for you, baby / Everything you do keeps rocking my world, girl / But it's a good, good kind of crazy / Loving this feeling that I'm falling right into / Yeah I'm crushin' on you," Bush Hawg sing during the chorus. It provides a groovy melody after each verse, which are more spoken word a la Jason Aldean. In fact, Hand sounds quite a bit like Aldean.

The second verse provides some heat and a scene one can easily enjoy on an emotional level: "Girl I know it's 2AM / And if you're thinkin' what I'm thinkin' / And I'll meet you at your door / You'll kiss me like you did before / We'll get as close as we can get / I wanna feel it again."

Despite feeling similar to many songs out of the past few years, 'Crushin'' may have been a good choice for an introduction, as it's always dangerous to present an edgy style straight out of the gate. The concept and viral nature of the chorus could be enough to give them a hit, but won't be enough to make their name.

Listen to Bush Hawg, 'Crushin''