Texas, we've all gone shopping, it's a necessity after all.

We all need something from the store at one point in our lives. One of the main things is, of course, food to feed ourselves. But we also need various other items, like new clothes, soap, and cleaning supplies just to name a few.

But not everything is available to those who go shopping. Sometimes, you need an ID to buy something. Of course, alcohol is the main thing that people need to have if they wish to buy an adult beverage.

As time passes however, certain items that never have required an ID suddenly could require one. But there has to be a reason right? Well for one item, it might caught you off-guard.

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This Item Might Require ID In Texas?

So what is the item in question we're talking about? Well. it's something that is used by many individuals, and some might not even expect to have be carded for this.

So what is this item? It has to be something potentially dangerous right? Well it's none other than...Baking Soda?

Wait Baking Soda? Why?

Turns out, JohnLocke reports that the material can be used in making an illegal drug. This resulted back in 2007 the state of Missouri requiring an ID to purchasing the item.

Now, at the time of writing, it doesn't appear that Texas has enacted a law requiring ID for baking soda. But, could it happen in the future? Time will only tell.

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