Attention all doggie parents! There's a new hot spot in Central Texas for your pup to play.

As a working pet mom, I worry about my baby's physical and mental well-being. I currently have a dachshund named Sonny, and he is my absolute world. I usually take him to daycare once a week and try to take him on walks as often as possible.

Just recently I discovered a new daycare that has recently opened in Waco called Camp Bow Wow. The daycare Sonny attends currently is great, but there are a few things that Camp Bow Wow offers that are super cool!

One of the most enticing features is the ability to monitor your pup while they play by watching live webcam footage. I am definitely a helicopter parent, and getting to watch my doggo play with other campers sounds amazing.

Another added bonus is that at Camp Bow Wow your dog can actually run and play all day! Seems pretty standard, but you might be surprised to learn that a lot of other daycares only allow the dogs out for short periods of time as they rotate groups for playtime.

At Camp Bow Wow there are multiple large, climate-controlled play yards for pups to romp around! CBW also sorts dogs into groups based on size and temperament so that everyone is safe and has a good time!

For more details about Camp Bow Wow, click here.

Will you be checking out the new doggie daycare?

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