There are a lot of eateries in the state of Texas. With so many varieties of foods, and so many different ways to enjoy, there has to be a reason for you to eat out right? Let's talk about a few examples shall we?

According to Paper City, there's a place such as Ekko’s Greek American Deli in Houston, Texas, which is not only an eatery, but a gas station as well. Who ever heard of a gas station and Greek restaurant sharing a space in Texas?

Or what about actually eating in a refurbished bus or perhaps a home with ranch-style flair? Paper City also talks about an eater where you can do that in Marfa, Texas from a restaurant called Food Shark. Point is, there's many choices to eat here in the the Lone Star State.

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But, one more eatery in Texas is set to join these is with a very interesting amenity.

One New Sonic In Canton, Texas With What?

Recently, a new Sonic was built in Canton, Texas. While not normally something that would be breaking news, what the Sonic has with it has turned a few heads. The Sonic has...Pickleball courts next to it.

You heard that right, Pickleball courts! KETK has all the details about it:

Now, this isn't the first instance of a restaurant having something sports-wise near or in their establishment.  Ever heard of little place called Hat Trick in Temple? They have indoor soccer fields to play on!

Now, we just need a restaurant in Texas with a football field installed near it!

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