First the Super Bowl commercial and now this? Dreams do come true!

This week has been a marathon of mini Full House reunions. First We got a preview of the Oikos Super Bowl commercial (which has now leaked), featuring Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Joey, still bro-ing it up after all these years. That was followed by a Reddit ask anything Q & A, and now, best of all,  Jimmy Fallon gathered the trio to help reassure him he was ready for his big move to The Tonight Show.

In the skit, a pajama wearing Fallon is nervous about taking the reigns of The Tonight Show and leaving Late Night. Who does he turn to? His "dad", Danny Tanner, and friends Uncle Jesse, and Joey. Of course D. T. reassures Jimmy that even though he's made wonderful memories at Late Night, hosting the Tonight Show will be even better. (Oh yeah, and there is stereotypical sappy music playing in the background, obvi.) We also get to see classic jokes from the show, such as "Cut, It, Out!" and "Have Mercy", along with a rendition of Teddy Bear from the trio. Basically, Jimmy Fallon made every twenty something's dreams come true. Check out the video for yourself below!


For the record, Jimmy Fallon will take over The Tonight Show after the airing of the Winter Olympics. Let's hope he keeps bringing us the comedy gold that he has brought to Late Night. Afterall, I'm still waiting for that Saved by the Bell reunion he and Zack Morris promised.

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