Bust out your mittens and hot chocolate! It snowed in central Texas!

Last night, while wasting time browsing Facebook, I started to notice friends of mine posting pictures of a strange, white fluffy substance that had accumulated on the ground outside. Perplexed, I pulled opened my curtains to reveal that, we too, had the unfamiliar powder covering the outside of our patio. Could it be? Yes! It had "snowed" in Killeen, Texas!

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Of course I did the same thing any other Texas girl would do when a little bit of snow accumulates on the ground. I threw on a scarf and a pair of riding boots, and ran outside to take pictures. I tried to make a snowman, but quickly realized there wasn't quite enough to make that happen. So I settled for this version instead:

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Of course I also took the obligatory "feet in the snow pic" as well. Because, duh, I'm a girl. After a couple more minutes of slipping and sliding down the stairs, I'd had my fill and ran back inside. I'm now ready to return to temperatures in the 80's and short sleeved shirts. Fortunately for me, I live in Texas, so I only have to wait unitl this weekend.

dani's pictures

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