A chart released Monday shows which everyday activities put us at more risk of contracting the coronavirus than others.

If you've been wondering which everyday things you may do are more risky than others, well here you go.  Partners at News 10 shared a chart from the Texas Medical Association that places our usual activities on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most low risk and ten being the highest.

At the low risk end are things like opening mail, ordering takeout, and pumping gas.

Grocery shopping was considered of low-moderate risk, along with staying at a hotel for two nights and sitting in a doctor's waiting room. (You'd think those last two things would be higher risk.)

Activities like eating dinner at a friend's house, visiting an elderly relative, going to the mall, swimming in a public pool, and sending kids to school or summer programs were placed in the moderate risk range.

Moderate-high risk activities included eating inside a restaurant, going to the salon or barbershop, traveling by plane, and hugging or shaking hands with a friend.

High risk activities included eating at a buffet, working out at the gym, going to a movie theater, stadium, or concert, and going to a bar.

The TMA ranked activities based on the assumption that people engaging in them are taking the necessary steps to prevent getting or spreading the virus, such as washing their hands, practicing social distancing, and wearing a mask.

You can see the full chart here.

So whether you're pumping gas, going to the store, or going to a gym, this chart will you show you the possible risk based on what physicians currently know about COVID-19.

Whatever you do, take all the necessary precautions you can and please stay safe.

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